Monday, August 24, 2015

Pop-Up Fundraiser for No One Is Illegal - Ottawa

Join us for tasty food and great music in Hintonburg with Bread By Us, Top Shelf Preserves and NOII-Ottawa!

Location: 1065 Wellington St. West
Date/Time: Sunday, September 13 @ 5 pm to 10 pm

Pizza and other goodies provided by Bread By Us and Top Shelf Preserves throughout the evening accompanied by local beer, wine and in house cocktails.

Awesome local artists include:
- Rita Carter
- Denis Kashi
- Lucila Al Mar

Entrance is 5$ to 10$ sliding scale at the door. Funds raised will go to No One Is Illegal-Ottawa to contribute towards anti-deportation campaigns and casework costs.

Bread By Us is an accessible venue.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

We visited Naqvi, will you call him?

On November 18th 2014, we sent a letter to Ontario Minister responsible for prisons Yasir Naqvi demanding that he cut all ties with CBSA and stop collaborating in the indefinite, cruel and unjust detention of migrants in Ontario's maximum security prisons. The Minister, who is also the Ontario Liberal House Leader, has yet to reply and Ontario continues to profit from Harper's anti-immigrant laws. Immigration detentions must end.

So on March 16, 2015 representatives from the End Immigration Detention Network, No One Is Illegal Ottawa, and the Parent-Child Coalition for Justice visited Minister Naqvi and demanded that he act now.

Add your voice to ours. Take action with us!


* WRITE/CALL/TWEET AT YASIR NAQVI: Demand that the he end the imprisonment of migrants in Ontario prisons without trial or charge.

Call: 416-325-0408, 416-325-7754, or 613-722-6414


- Immigration detention is imprisonment without trial or charges.

- Of the 9,932 detentions that took place in 2013, 2,434 detentions took place in Ontario's maximum security prisons. At any given time, between 520 and 700 people are in immigration detention in Canada. About 40 per cent of them are in Ontario provincial jails.

- In fiscal 2013-2014, the Feds paid Ontario more than $21 million for jail space for immigration detainees.

- The release rate at the monthly detention review hearing where continued imprisonment of immigrants facing deportations in Central Region (Ontario, minus Ottawa and Kingston) is 9%. Its 25.5% in the rest of the country.

- Detainees in Ontario jails spend an average of 40 days in custody – twice the 20-day average for immigration detainees in general. Some, of course, are in jail for 8-10 years. Detainees in Lindsay stay an average of 82 days there (allowing for early release, that’s equivalent to a four-month jail sentence for someone in the criminal justice system).

** Is not a provincial matter
** Is imprisonment without an end in sight
** Lacks due process
** Separates families
** Kills

Our letter to Naqvi:

For more information:


*** If you see a photo of you or your child and want it taken down, please don't hesitate to ask me! I promptly will! ***

Friday, March 13, 2015

2014: A year in review

No One is Illegal Ottawa is a group of im/migrants and allies guided by anti-oppression principles that advocates and fights for the dignity and self determination of all im/migrants regardless of status. This year we kicked off the Solidarity City campaign to ensure that city and social services in the city are open to all migrants regardless of status. 

We launched the End Immigration Detention (EIDN) campaign in Ottawa to support the activities of the broader national campaign. The EIDN campaign aims to educate the public around migrant detention and to seek an end to the indefinite detention of migrant families and children. 

In June, we collaborated with migrant justice organizers to support actions and panels on migrant detention for the ICOPA conference, and in August we participated in the migration movement assembly during the People's Social Forum, in Ottawa. 

On Nov. 7 last year, we collaborated with Octopus Books for the Ottawa launch of EIDN member Tings Chak's book on migrant detention, "Undocumented: The architecture of migrant detention". We have also continued to support migrant families in Ottawa facing deportation; seeking sanctuary, and offering financial, legal and emotional support. We hope to continue our direct action,  campaign organizing, and support work in the next year. Come join us!

Friday, March 6, 2015

End Immigration Detention Rally



Join the End Immigration Detention Network, Parent-Child Coalition for Justice and the Raging Grannies for the families in solidarity with immigration detainees rally on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory.

WHEN: 9:00am on Monday, March 16 2015
WHERE: Office of Yasir Naqvi, MPP for Ottawa Centre and Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
109 Catherine Street

We will rally outside MPP/Minister of Community Safety and Corrections Yasir Naqvi’s office. A delegation will then deliver children's books about incarceration and migrant justice to Minister Naqvi to share with his kids, for all those children denied access to their own families due to detention and deportation.

On November 18th 2014, the End Immigration Detention Network sent a letter to Minister Naqvi requesting that he cut all ties with CBSA and stop collaborating in the indefinite, cruel and unjust detention of migrants in Ontario detention centres. The minister has yet to reply and continues to perpetuate this injustice. Immigration detentions must end.

** Is not a provincial matter
** Is imprisonment without an end in sight
** Lacks due process
** Separates families
** Kills

For more information:

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ottawa launch of End Immigration Detention campaign

Migrants in a maximum security prison in Lindsay Ontario have been on strike since September 17, 2013. They have refused to enter their cells, boycotted their detention reviews and have been on hunger strike - 2 of them for over 60 days. Striking detainees have been deported, locked up in segregation, denied medical services and transferred to other prisons. Inspired by their actions, migrant justice organizers in solidarity have formed the End Immigration Detention Network.

More info on the campaign website:

NOII - Ottawa will be having an initial planning meeting open to all interested in organizing around ending migrant detention and supporting migrants currently in detention.

The meeting is scheduled for January 22 at 6.30pm at the Jack Purcell Centre, Room 101.

More info to come soon...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Solidarity with Michael Brown and Eric Garner

No One Is Illegal - Ottawa wishes to express the deepest sympathy to the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner who are just two of the many Black people (including children) who have been killed by police in the past year. The violence perpetrated on Black lives by the police and other white supremacist institutions in the United States show the endemic role of anti-black racism in the criminal justice system. The same anti-black racism in Canada lead to the death of Jermaine Carby by the Peel Regional Police on September 24 and the subsequent lack of accountability by the police to his family's questions about his death. There is a long history of police violence towards Black lives in Canada.

We stand with you in outrage and demand justice.

Anti-black racism extends beyond policing practices to border and immigration enforcement, where Black migrants and refugees have become the targets of expulsion and attack. Canadian immigration policies devalue Black lives by deporting refugees into unsafe situations, tearing apart families, and uprooting lives they have established here in Canada. The moratorium on deportations to Haiti and Zimbabwe was recently ended, which cruelly exposes at least 3500 people to potential removal in the coming years, if not earlier.

We express our collective solidarity with Black people resisting the repressive and brutal practices of the Canadian state whether it's in our communities or at their borders.

We stand with you and renew our commitment to anti-racist resistance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dance Party for NOII - Ottawa

Saturday December 20th, 2014 
The Queer Mafia presents 


Hip Hop / RNB / Dancehall / Trap / Reggae BIG TUNES BY...
Lissa Monet { 416 }
DJ Debonair {613}
Babylon Nightclub 
317 Bank Street 
Doors Open at 10:30pm 
19+ | $7 
Before 11:30p Limited pwyc available before 11:30p 

* Partial Proceeds to No One is Illegal and Justice for Deepan
* Reach early leave late jam time ....let's go

No One is Illegal Ottawa {NOII} Is an all-volunteer group of migrants and allies that advocate and fight for the dignity and self determination of all migrants regardless of status. They work to oppose policies designed to exploit and marginalize migrants. They do their work through both campaign and direct support work of migrants directly affected by the immigration system. In their “Solidarity City” campaign work, they work with social service agencies, legal clinics, and health services in Ottawa to ensure that undocumented people and migrants have access to services regardless of status. In our direct action work, we support migrants (particularly migrant families & queer migrants) through connecting them with legal/personal support resources, organizing direct action campaigns with them, and helping them and their families access sanctuary when they face deportation. More on NOII at:

Justice for Deepan (J4D) The Justice for Deepan (J4D) support group of volunteers was formed in July 2013 to support Deepan Budlakoti in his quest to have his citizenship restored. Deepan Budlakoti is an Ottawa-born man who the Canadian government is trying to deport to India, a country where he has no family, has never lived and is not a citizen. Deepan's citizenship was illegally revoked by the government after he served jail time. In a clear violation of established precedents and laws, the government doubly punished him by revoking his citizenship after he had completed his time in prison. He is currently fighting at the Federal Court for his right to live and work in Canada as the Canadian citizen he was before the government revoked his citizenship. Funds raised by Queer Mafia would go towards the substantial legal costs incurred by Deepan fighting for his legal rights. More on Justice for Deepan at:

The Queer Mafia
Lissa Monet 
Babylon Nightclub 
Accessibility note: Babylon Nightclub is an accessible venue. The washrooms are located on the main floor and are accessible as well (Not easy to navigate with motorized Wheelchair). There is a small lip (approximately 1'' ) at the front entrance and we will have access to a ramp if needed. The washrooms at this event will be gender neutral in recognition that so often gender variant, trans, two spirit and women identified people are at greater risk to violence and harassment. The QM hopes to create safer spaces for folks to be who they are and to enjoy their night free from violence and body policing. This includes making a commitment to providing gender-neutral washrooms.

Safer Space Policy: QM collectively strives to create spaces that are free of as many barriers as possible as means to working towards liberation. This means that we are all responsible for creating the spaces we desire, by educating ourselves, each other and ensuring that we are continually engaging in these conversations and creating relationships of support and collective responsibility. While we recognize that no space is exclusively “safe” for anyone, we must collectively work towards mitigating harms. In response to certain experiences that have happened within our spaces, we have decided to remix ground rules to apply to a specific situation in which groups of people come together to make themselves vulnerable:

QM works towards recognizing dynamics of power and privilege that exist within society and which have historically oppressed our communities. We believe that these same dynamics and tensions exist within our own communities and we are working continuously towards addressing these tensions and creating supportive spaces. People participating in our events and dance parties are asked to be aware of their language and behavior and to think about whether these may be harming others. Our spaces are not spaces for explicit or implicit violence, racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, cissexism, sizeism, fatphobia, sexual harassment, and gender policing, or doing anything to another person without their consent. Acting in a way that disrespects, harms others or undermines these values will not be tolerated. QM reserves the right to assess & manage circumstances and situations in the best interest of our collective vision towards creating ‘liberation’ and ‘safer’ spaces.